Table Top, Beanbag, Dog Bed Posing & Lighting Tutorials

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Just starting out? Wish you could achieve those adorable newborn poses you see all over Pinterest because that's what your clients are requesting?

Or maybe you have been doing newborn photography for a little while and feel like you're ready to take your posing and lighting to the next level? 

Sure you can search YouTube for another poorly light, hard to hear tutorial that leaves you still confused on how to perfect the froggy pose safely and easily or how exactly to place your posers to achieve the perfect placement of arms and legs.

Or you can just learn from me!!

My Table Top - Beanbag - Dog Bed Posing & Lighting Tutorials will guide you step by step through the proper posing techniques, baby safety, and lighting method need to not only help you better your work but help increase your profits.

In the Table Top - Beanbag - Dog Bed Posing & Lighting Tutorials, I’ll teach you…

-Taco Pose

-Side Laying Pose

-Froggy Pose

-​Tushy Up 

-​Chin On Arms Pose

-​Huck Fin Pose