Tips & Tricks For Mastering Your Swaddle Pro

  • Remember only expose baby's toes through the toe peep feature, not their entire feet.

  • Keep baby's arms to the sides of their body, not criss crossed over chest.

  • The baby's shoulders should sit just above the top of the Swaddle Pro

Tips & Tricks For Mastering Your Puffy Pro

  • The Puffy Pro works best when paired with a base wrap.

  • Wrap over the baby's shoulders then down their back to create natural shaped shoulders.

  • Remember to smooth out the outer fabric to create that perfect round shape.

Frequently asked questions

Are there different sizes for the Puffy Pro?

Nope, the Puffy Pro is a one size-fits-all product!

Does the Puffy Pro replace the Swaddle Pro?

Nope, the Puffy Pro is the perfect addition to the Swaddle Pro.

They compliment eachother to keep babies sound asleep while achieving that round baby look effortlessly!

Are the Swaddle and Puffy Pro machine washable?

Absolutely! You can machine wash it on delicate cycle and lay it flat to dry. This way you can always have it clean for your coming sessions!

Which size Swaddle Pro should I choose?

The Small size is recommended for babies 0 to 2 months old and up to 9lbs, while the Large size is best for babies 10lbs and up. 

What is the difference between the Quiet Closure and Velcro Closure Swaddle Pro?

The main difference between the velcro and quiet closure is that with the quiet one you will not risk waking babies up when opening the swaddle pro since its special fabric makes it super silent. We also recommend using the velcro option with older babies since they might be stronger than newborns.

Turn volume on to hear the difference

What are your shipping policies?

In-stock Swaddle and Puffy Pros are processed and mailed within 1 to 3 business days of purchase. In addition to the processing time, USPS Domestic US First Class shipping is approximately 3 to 5 business days and US Priority shipping is approximately 1-4 business days. UPS options available. Delays may happen due to covid, employee shortages, weather, etc. Returns due to shipping delays (which are out of our control) are not accepted. We are not responsible for USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc delays and will not reimburse if your purchase does not arrive in time. Overnight shipping options are not available. Customs fees are not included for international order.

watch how The Swaddle Pro & 

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