Newborn Wrapping Tutorials

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Let me ask you a question: do you feel like your client galleries are lacking the quality and variety needed to bring in big sales?

Do you wish you could achieve those adorable wrapped newborn pictures you see all over Pinterest because that's what your clients are requesting?

Sure you can search YouTube for another poorly light, hard to hear tutorial that leaves you still confused on how to perfect the bow tie wrap or how to get the baby’s toes to peek through a wrap just right.

Or you can just learn from me!!

My Newborn Wrapping Tutorials will guide you step by step through absolutely gorgeous wrap techniques that will not only help you better your work but help increase your profits.

In the Newborn Wrapping Tutorial, I’ll teach you…

-Triple Knotted Egg Wrap

-Crisscross Side Knot Wrap

-Corkscrew Wrap

-​Single Knot Egg Wrap

-​Crisscross Fan Wrap

-​All Tied Up With A Bow Wrap

-Bow Tie Wrap

-Beehive Wrap

-Toe Peep Wrap

-​Twist Knot Wrap

-​Pretzel Wrap

-​Potato Sack Wrap With Two Variations