Hollah to my ladies who are just about to start your maternity and newborn photography business! This is an exciting (not to mention overwhelming) time for you! There are so many decisions to make all at once! Where do you begin? When there are so many steps to take, it can be hard to know where to step first. Overwhelm can stop you before you even get started! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here are 5 areas to focus on when you’re just getting started:

1. Your dream studio type and business model. When I say ‘studio type,’ I mean whatever makes the most sense for you. It can be a physical location like a studio in your home, or on location in client’s homes. Your business model can be a boutique with low volume yet high quality or high volume and having lots of sessions. One of the best ways to nail down the type of studio to best serve your needs is to think about your life 5 years from now. Do you want the ability to work while your baby is napping in the other room? Do you want a quiet space to be completely focused on your business? Do you want as little overhead costs as possible allowing you to work less and make more? Building your studio around your lifestyle instead of your lifestyle around your studio will help you create a business you love.

2. Knowing your numbers. This is your ticket to the success train! Don’t make the mistake most people do and ask how much to charge in a photography Facebook group. People in photography Facebook groups are from all around the world with completely different financial circumstances; their opinions are totally invalid! Instead, figure out your own cost of doing business, as your numbers are unique to you and only you. Here is my cost of doing business calculator to help you discover your numbers quickly.

3. Choosing the right pricing structure. There are a handful of different pricing options in the photography world. Some put the customer completely in charge, leaving you guessing what you’ll make every time; others show clients that there is a cap to how much they can spend. The key is finding a pricing structure that still gives clients the flexibility to pick and choose what they want, has no cap to spend, yet has a minimum purchase requirement so you know you’ll make at least that amount with every customer every time.

4. Marketing with a true strategy. Posting a model call is **NOT** I REPEAT is **NOT** a strategy! Take your eyes out of the photography world for a moment and pay attention to what other non-creative businesses in your area are doing for marketing. Places like gyms, retail stores, and franchises use a strategy when either launching their business or launching a promotion. Learn about marketing because that’s what you will be focusing on in your business 80% of the time!

5. Choosing software to make your business work for you, instead of you for your business. Believe it or not, there is software that will act as an employee in your business! Adopting software like this early in your business will stop you from wasting time doing mundane tasks. Learn to think like a CEO instead of an employee. This mindset shift will make the difference between being a slave to your business and moving the needle forward in your business!

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