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Knowing your true cost of doing business is the only way to price for profit!

You became a photographer because the thought of using your camera to capture special moments for people seems like the perfect career! But unless you can get people to pay you for your work, you’ll have nothing more than a hobby!!!

In order to have a profitable long-term career in photography, you must first build a strong pricing foundation. Too many times photographers will create their price list by simply looking at what their competitors' prices are. Yet the cost of doing business is different for every photographer.

To truly price your products and services appropriately you must first figure out your cost of doing business.

Use this worksheet & calculator to figure out yours. Start with this worksheet. Estimating these calculations may take you a bit when you're just starting out. Download and print so you can add in totals as you discover them. Once complete use the CODB calculator to learn your total CODB.

Remember: the more research you do to obtain real numbers the more accurate your CODB will be!

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Get my FREE newborn Photoshop action set that includes 7 actions specifically made for newborn portraits that will help your images have creamy skin, proper sharpness, that extra pop, and more! Sent straight to your inbox!


Bye Bye Red- remove unwanted redness from baby's skin

Powder Press- make baby's skin look like a porcelain doll

Sharpen- the perfect amount of sharpness only where you want

Paint In Bright- paint in the perfect amount of fill light

Paint In Dark- paint in only where you need darker

Subtle Pop- bring your newborn photo to life

The Perfect BW- true black and white with the perfect amount of contrast

BONUS VIDEO INCLUDED- Walks you through step-by-step as I enhance a portrait using the Newborn Action Set and other Photoshop tricks I've learned over 15 years of being a full time newborn photographer.

Get Access To My Favorite Marketing Strategies

Need some new marketing ideas? I put together a list of 20 marketing ideas for newborn photographers! Don't make the same mistake that so many other photographers do by replicating what every other photographer in your area does for marketing. Nothing about that will make you stand out in the sea of photographers. Instead signup for my 20 marketing ideas and I will send them straight to your inbox!

Facebook Moms Groups love them or hate them, it's where our target audience hangs out 

I put together a list of 5 ways to talk about your photography business in Facebook Moms Groups without getting kicked out. If you want them just pop in your info below and I will send them to your inbox. 

5 Ways to use FOMO marketing for Photographers!

Did you know people are more likely to take action if they fear they could miss out on an amazing offer? FOMO Marketing is a simple and effective way to influence potential customers to buy now. But how do you do it effectively so you don't sound pushy or cheesy? I put together a list of 5 ways to create FOMO marketing for photographers! Signup now and see just how great FOMO marketing works.

5 Ways to soft sell your clients and prime them the sale!

Way too many photographers are scared of sales, but guess what people if you don't get paid all you have is an expensive hobby. It's actually easier than you think to prime your clients to purchase big. I put together a list of 5 ways to soft sell your clients! Signup now and I will send them to your inbox.