Become a profitable maternity and newborn photography business in the next three months by retaining high paying clients for years to come without icky selling, spending precious money on additional advertising, or taking any client that knocks on your door. 

If you’re a seasoned photographer, just starting out, or somewhere in between looking to have a fully booked schedule while spending less effort and money on advertising, then you probably already know that you need to focus on niching in maternity and newborn photography.

So I’ll spare you the spiel

I won’t beat it into your brain any further - you already know what it will take to achieve your dream studio.

I’m sure you already KNOW that creating a profitable maternity and newborn photography studio is the easiest way to have repeat clients year after year, not have to advertise or place the dreaded ‘model calls’ on your social media and truly attain the level of profitability you deserve.

After all, you probably know that the photography industry is projected to grow to past $111 billion in the next few years. (Source: globalnewswire.com)

Now, here’s something you may not know:

Even if you’re lucky enough to already have a photography studio, niching in maternity and newborn photography will allow you to

Create repeat clients year over year:

By providing your maternity and newborn clients with such an amazing experience, they naturally will sign up for your first year collection. This will bring in recurring revenue you can count on and turn them into loyal lifelong clients. Essentially, you will be making more by doing less!

Pick and choose the clients you want:

Niching in maternity and newborn photography guarantees that you never have to grovel for any and all clients - the right ones crawl right into your lap. And the best part? They’re likely on maternity leave which means they’ll have adjustable schedules to fit around yours, yet be willing to spend - and spend big! - to have their beginning forever. It’s such a monumental moment in their lives!

Ensure your clients purchase high every time:

Becoming a new parent is a significant moment in people’s lives! Because of this and the fact that you have crafted the proper pricing structure, guarantees your clients will purchase your most valuable items every session.​

Stop spending money on advertising:

Did you know The cost of acquiring a new client versus retaining an old one is 25% more expensive. (Source: Harvard Business Review). Boosting a random post or running a Facebook ad for a promotion with no clear call to action is like flushing your money down the drain. As you set yourself up as the go-to maternity and newborn photographer where every client opts into your first year collection, you become their family photographer and family friend. These clients will use you - and only you - for all their photography needs. How can they not after you have captured all of their firsts and given them their beginning forever?! Without spending any advertising dollars or a second of your precious time marketing other genres of photography, you will have a thriving portrait studio that captures family portraits, senior portraits, family events, and more! What’s even better is these lifelong clients value your work and are willing to pay every time!



Take pictures of pregnant ladies and babies? Sounds easy, right?

But how do you make an already self-conscious woman pose flawlessly? And those squirmy little milk monsters?! How do you calm them down and get them to sleep? Yeah, this is definitely turning out to be harder than you imagined…

Maybe you told yourself ‘This is it! This is the year I’m going to do something about my photography business!’ And you’re determined to figure it out. This is your year!

Every few days you scroll endlessly on Pinterest for the cutest newborn portrait ideas or jot down a few more fun poses for a baby belly; maybe you spend too much time (and money!) on Etsy trying to find the perfect newborn props.

But, even that gorgeous maternity pose you capture or the most adorable newborn prop you found are not your solution to bringing in the next client! They are just the shiny objects that distract us from what’s really going wrong in your business.

That lack of a proven roadmap to steer your way to success.


Without a super clear, step-by-step-by-step plan, most photographers get completely lost.

They fall victim to their own paralyzing fears and uncertainties: “there are already so many photographers in my area;” “I’m not sure my work is good enough;” “how can I make any money when there are so many shoot and burn photographers around me basically giving away their work for free?!” (the experts never mentioned that!), ‘shiny-object’ syndrome with the trendiest poses and props or lack the clarity and direction over exactly which steps they need to take first to become a profitable photography studio.

Here’s why that is irreparably debilitating:

As an already swamped entrepreneur, (not to mention mom!), you literally don’t have time in your day to really focus on building your business. You know you have what it takes, but the lack of time and guidance are holding you back from your true potential.

And that moment you finally think you found the elusive ‘free time,’ something urgent rears its ugly head.

You see other photographers who seem to have it all together and you envy how much time they must have to get their shiz straight. 

And luckily for you, there are actually VERY FEW people out there who actually have it all together.

In reality, the other photographers around you who you think are crushing their business are probably not niching appropriately or pricing themselves properly to become a sustainable profitable studio. 

Guess what that means…

Even if you’re a little tardy to the party, there’s still plenty of opportunity for you to swoop in, clean up the mess your competitors have left and show them how you build a profitable studio.

Well, that’s only assuming you can rise above their business crippling mistakes.


(and how to guarantee you will!)

Secret #1 - Not specifying your niche - or not niching at all!

Ever heard the phrase, “the riches are in the niches?” There’s a reason that saying has been around forever, because it’s so true! There is a price tag associated with someone that specializes in one particular niche. Not sure what I mean? Here's an example: you break your leg and need surgery. You wouldn't have your general practitioner perform the surgery - you would have the best orthopedic surgeon do it. Your general practitioner is a jack-of-all-trade; what you need is someone who is highly trained, an expert that only focuses on repairing broken bones. You would be willing to pay more money for an expert, knowing they are better trained to give you the outcome you desire, right? The same can be said for photography.

Take Natasha for example!

Natasha is a student of mine that had been doing cake smash portraits as a side hustle to her full-time job.

Her cake smash scenes are absolutely stunning and people were booking her regularly but she had no idea how to price for profit and every single one of her session left her in the red! She was making no money because each client’s cake scene had a different theme and she was spending an arm and a leg on props.

She had no idea what her cost of doing business was and needed a clear path to having a profitable studio in order to leave her job and be there for her family.

Once in The Profitable Studio course she learned why she should niche in maternity photography and how having a first year collection will ultimately lead her clients to cake smash portraits she loved while bringing her revenue throughout the year.

Now she left her full time job and is focusing solely on her photography business and has a physical on location studio for her clients to come to instead of using a room in her home!

Hear her experience for yourself!

Secret #2 - You haven't clearly defined your target audience!

This is one imperative thing I often see photographers skimming over. Simply saying, “Well I’m a maternity and newborn photographer so my target audience is a woman of child-bearing age that lives within 35 to 45 minutes of my studio” is just not enough. You need to dive deep when defining your target audience, you need to get inside their head and think like them. Once you do that you can reverse engineer so much of your business, like branding, to copy and content, and even your social media marketing strategy. Do yourself a favor, take some time to sit down and really think about this because it makes a huge difference in your business. If you're just getting started, Facebook moms groups are a great place to do some research and get to know your target audience. See what posts are getting a lot of engagement about shops, playgrounds, schools, etc. What activities are expecting moms are doing in your area? Get as close as you to being inside you target audiences head as possible!

Secret #3 - Selling a piece of paper, not a piece of time!

This may sound silly, but it’s so important! As photographers, you’re not selling someone a piece of paper, you’re selling them a piece of time they can no longer get back. Most photographers don’t realize the power behind this selling point, but if you do, your sales will never be the same! No matter what you're selling - honestly it could even be a vacuum - the most successful sales people sell the outcome, not all the bells and whistles. This is even more important in the photography world because we are literally selling emotion!

Secret #4 - No marketing strategy!

You know the saying ‘throw it at the wall and see what sticks?’ Well, that is what most photographers are doing when it comes to their marketing strategy. Their strategy is “Hope Marketing.” But, let me give you a little hint: it doesn’t work! While marketing may seem a little scary to some, it is imperative to follow the proper steps to market your studio appropriately in order to really achieve some incredible results. I had a student that hated all things marketing.

Mallory had already been in business for several years.

She partnered with another more well known photographer in her area hoping that alone would bring business.

But it didn’t work and when the photographer she partnered with was going through a divorce and had to stop doing photography it actually hurt her business.

That’s when she decided to take the necessary action to take control of her business and join The Profitable Studio.

After learning the marketing strategies laid out in the course she went from having 7 inquires a month to 20 per week!

Better yet, her very first sale after implementing the pricing structure I taught her was 330% higher than her average sale prior to the course! 330%!!! She’s killing it!

She has more confidence in herself and now knows how to serve her clients while making the money she deserves! Hear her success for yourself!

Secret #5 - No uniqueness! 

Individuality is where it’s at! This is one case where being yourself and really owning what makes you you, will get you to where you want to go. Dig into your unique selling proposition - don’t shy away from it! You want to ensure that you’re showing your clients what they get when they book with you, no cookie-cutter photographers, please!

Take Cynthia, a student of mine who was literally just starting her photography business and had no idea where to start.

We built her studio together from the ground up, but she struggled big time with what would make her studio unique.

That is until she discovered my unique selling proposition and heard me use it in the course during several live maternity and newborn phone consultations.

She loved how my clients responded to it and decided to adopt it into her studio.

Hear what she said, “I used the same method as you and my clients are loving everything about it! So much that they are already sending new people to me. I felt pretty confident when speaking to them because you lay it out so easily in the course.”



Even though there may be a ton of other photography businesses around you, the market is not evenly distributed between the niches. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to pick up a camera and take a picture. Everyone is claiming to be a photographer these days, right?

You’ll always have the typical wedding photographers (God bless them), the dabblers who think they can shoot any and all type of photography (spoiler - they can’t -at least not profitably), and the ones that are so desperate to make a buck they host model calls every other day (can you imagine?!)

Just because the barriers to entry are relatively low…

… the barriers toward actually being a profitable long term studio are fairly high. 

But, if you can follow a few easy steps and not fall victim to “shiny object syndrome,” you will have a profitable long term maternity and newborn studio. 

This studio will allow you to achieve more freedom, create an income you deserve while doing less work and help the community around you by providing families’ firsts forever.

The key ingredients here are choosing the proper niche and learning to think like a CEO instead of an employee!

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to to show you!



The best way to become a profitable long term photography 

studio year after year.

I’ve been in the photography business full-time for over 15 years and as you can imagine, I’ve done it all: from hiring contractors when I thought my business needed them, shooting way too many weddings, all the way to struggling to find clients. In order to help others avoid such a bumpy photography road, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you everything you need to become profitable, but also the best tips and tricks of the maternity and newborn niche. That will give you dramatic results is just 9 weeks!

The Profitable Studio isn’t so much a training program

as it is an implementation program.

Yep, you read that right. You’ll learn strategies behind why you are doing the things you do. But not only that, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step-by-step plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. And the best part? The majority of my students have made back the entire cost of the course with their first client!The end result: an incredibly profitable, long-term studio ready to better the lives of your community members by providing them an unparalleled experience.

The Profitable Studio 

is the first program of its kind that… 

Is built with focused, rapid implementation in mind. There’s not a lot of ‘fluff’ in the course, it’s just what you need to know in the order you need to implement it, to get the most out of your soon-to-be profitable studio.

Teaches you everything you’ll need. There is no guessing here. I will take your hand and guide you along a perfectly carved path to the income of your dreams!

Doesn’t leave anything out. You’ll not feel as though there are any steps you’re not able to accomplish. I have crafted this course for easy, and fast, implementation.



The best way to set you up from the beginning to be a successful studio is to make sure you understand the pros and cons of each type of studio


👉🏼 Which studio type is optimal for your ultimate success

👉🏼 How to define your target audience

👉🏼 The type of branding you need for your studio​

👉🏼 A quick and easy business plan template for your creative mind


Now that we have the perfect type of studio and the proper structure picked out, it is time to learn how to price your products and services appropriately to ensure long term profit and repeat clients. I will teach you the art of pricing: when you combine a proven pricing structure and understand the psychologically behind what influences a client to purchase, true financial success will be achieved.

While some students are timid of pricing, I invite them to lean in and really figure out what they are worth. This goes hand-in-hand with discovering the cost of doing business. Don’t worry, I’ve provided a handy tool that makes all of this a breeze.


👉🏼 Understanding your pricing pricing options

👉🏼 Picking proper products for profitReality check - the real cost of doing business​

👉🏼 How to create a welcome guide and investment guide​

👉🏼 Tips on the best methods in selling to maximize earnings


Marketing can be a scary thing - but I’ve taken all of the scariest parts out of my marketing modules. I’ve broken down my surefire tips to marketing success in two modules, as not to overwhelm you. While these sections are a bit hefty, they’re setting you up for long term success, with just a little bit of grunt work at the beginning. And I say “little” bit because I have so many done-for-you services within these two modules. You can literally copy and paste it into your daily marketing to see results instantly!


👉🏼 Websites and SEO

👉🏼 Blogging for clients, SEO and social media

👉🏼 Social media and your avatar

​👉🏼 Grassroots marketing and local networking​

👉🏼 Getting your clients to gossip


Now that you’re an old pro at marketing basics thanks to my previous module, in this module we dive a little deeper into the social media and email marketing aspects of marketing. Again, the golden nuggets of information bestowed upon you in this module and are priceless and will help you build your profitable studio in no time!


👉🏼 Facebook and Instagram Ads

👉🏼 Marketing and sales funnels

👉🏼 ​Drip email campaigns

​👉🏼 Pre-recorded “How-To” videos


While it may seem a little far fetched at the beginning, clients will be banging down your door for your photography services. This module goes through all of the nitty gritty on how to make that happen and what to do when it does! When your studio is at its busiest, it’s important to learn how to make your business work for you, instead of you for your business. This module is where I teach you to think like a CEO, instead of an employee. To truly move the needle forward in your business, you need to take yourself out of doing the mundane tasks ( like sending a million emails or making sure contracts are signed) and focus on the tasks that will bring in new customers. I will show you exactly how to do this without spending money on hiring an assistant.


👉🏼 Client education and prep

👉🏼 How understanding interior design can set you apart

👉🏼 Handling new inquiries and phone scripts​

👉🏼 New inquiry drip email campaigns​

👉🏼 Studio management software

👉🏼 ​Legal matters


Crazy that we’re just now talking about actually taking a picture, huh? Well, it was imperative for you to have the extensive background knowledge that was provided in the previous modules to ensure you were ready for this momentous occasion! While you may think your new sessions will be just like the old ones - watch out - it’s go time!


👉🏼 The session

👉🏼 Watch a pro in action

👉🏼 Marketing and sales funnels​

👉🏼 The props you need and nothing more​

👉🏼 The art of soft-selling before, during and after the session


You did it! You captured someone’s beginning forever! But… now what?! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this module you’ll learn all about how to make the portraits you took really come to life! The small details such as how to store your photos and what programs to use are covered here, as well.


👉🏼 Work-flow: making it stupid simple

👉🏼 Image prep with Lightroom

👉🏼 File storage - cloud vs. hard drive​

👉🏼 Photoshop enhancements - showing your client’s best REAL attributes​

👉🏼 Sales software to knock your profits out of the park


Now, most people come to sales and shy away - not you! I’ve designed this module to take the “icky-ness” out of selling. We’ll not only go over how to sell in person, without feeling gross about it, but also how to upsell to guarantee you’ll have repeat clients year after year after year.


👉🏼 Drip email campaigns for IPS (in-person sales)

👉🏼 Profitable in-person sales methods

👉🏼 First-year collection

👉🏼 The important details: setting you up for first year success​

👉🏼 First year pricing and year-end gifts


Don’t you hate it when you’ve invested time and money into a product or service and once you’ve gotten it, the seller falls off the face of the earth!? Well, don’t worry, that’s not what will happen in your profitable studio! This module is all about how to nurture your client through their first year and beyond, making sure their experience with your studio is one of a kind.


👉🏼 Customer service

👉🏼 Automated emails to nurture clients long term